After eight years, HBO's Game of Thrones has finally came to an end on Sunday. As the show was a massive hit, breaking several TV ratings records and sparking a worldwide fandom, its placement on the network was the sole reason many customers paid for the service. Since the series has ended, fans may be on their way out.

Forbes points towards the possibility of an exodus of HBO customers, referring to a new study from Mintel, a global market research firm. The study indicates that 20 percent of HBO Now subscribers would cancel their plan "if a specific show/program was canceled or ended." Conversely, only 10 percent of customers using other streaming platforms agree with that statement.

Buddy Lo, senior technology and consumer electronics analyst at Mintel, told Forbes he "anticipated HBO Now users to be more content sensitive due to the popularity of Game of Thrones, but nearly double all OTT streamers was interesting."

The show's end may spell good news for HBO's competitors. "It's also potentially good news for Netflix, its presence as the leading OTT streaming service is less sensitive to content based cancellations than some may have thought," Lo said. The study also cited HBO Now's $14.99 price point as a potential factor, as competitors like Netflix (starting and $8.99) and Hulu (which starts at ($5.99), offer lower monthly rates. Fans of one specific series are less likely to shell out money for a service, especially if the show has already ended.

In addition, Google searches for "cancel HBO subscription" rose exponentially after the airing of the final episode.

Customers who decide on staying have the opportunity to enjoy programs like the GoT prequel series (but don't expect Arya to receive her own spinoff). In addition, a two-hour documentary giving behind-the-scenes access to the final season will premiere this Sunday.