The conclusion to the Avengers saga is having a pretty damn impressive run.

Endgame has already shattered several records (a frequently updated list of which can be found here), and it's only in its second weekend. Variety now reports that it is on track to raking in $2 billion globally by the end of the weekend.

The film has already made $515 million in the United States alone, and is expected to reign supreme at the box office, bringing in an additional $145 million (the new thriller flick The Intruder will come in distant second, as it's estimated to make $11 million.)

As of now, Endgame is the fifth-highest grossing worldwide film of all time, as it has currently amassed $1.915 billion. It's possible that the movie's current trajectory will allow it to take the third spot on the list this weekend, beating it's big brother, Avengers: Infinity War ($2.048 billion) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($2.068 Billion). While Titanic's $2.187 billion global gross isn't too far behind, James Cameron's Avatar ($2.788 billion) poses as Endgame's biggest obstacle before claiming the number one position.

Those who haven't seen the movie yet might want to make an quick trip to the theaters, as the Russo brothers, who directed the film, declared that the spoiler ban will be lifted on Monday. Additionally, the co-directors have started to take interviews and contextualize pivotal moments from the film, such as when **spoiler** happened, or when **spoiler** did **spoiler**.