As the release date to the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame rears its head, the cast has officially kicked off the marketing campaign. Over the weekend, the cast for the film held a press conference including empty chairs to honor the superheroes who perished at the end of Infinity War. Now they've sat down for a brief interview with Good Morning America, and they brought with them a fresh clip to further tantalize fans.

In the newly revealed clip, the remaining Avengers discuss their plan to defeat Thanos. Accompanied by Captain Marvel, they come to the conclusion they need to get the infinity stones Thanos used to kill half the population to bring everyone back and undo what he did. Bruce Banner, skeptical about their chances, asks why they think it'll go differently than last time, to which Captain Marvel responds, "Because before you didn't have me."

During the conversation, they also spoke about the three-hour length of the film. "Mark suggested you wear a diaper," Scarlett Johansson joked. 

The press conference that took place over the weekend gave some interesting and exciting pieces of information ahead of the April 26 premiere. "Four, five years ago, we talked about what we haven't seen in films based on comic characters," Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige explained, as BuzzFeed reported. "We haven't seen an ending, a definitive conclusion to an overall saga. So that is why it's called Endgame." 

Brie Larson also revealed that she worked on Endgame before she started shooting Captain Marvel. "I had to stumble and try to figure out who this character was with no script for this and no script for Captain Marvel either and perform for the first time in front of legends," she added.