In January 1999, the landscape of television was forever changed. HBO premiered a new series, The Sopranos, which was pitched to the world as "so a gangster walks into a therapist's office." What the series ended up being in its six seasons is a crash course in what the next two decades of television could be. Mixing humor, violence, and an eye for high art, The Sopranos is the bullet-ridden Bible to series like Breaking BadMad Men, and anything else flying under the "Peak TV" umbrella.

Today, the series that David Chase built turns 20. To mark this occasion, HBO has not only made the series' pilot episode (complete with a weaker accent from the gawd James Gandolfini) available to watch for free. They also collected 10 of the greatest episodes from the series (including standouts like Season 1's "College," the feels-heavy "Whitecaps" from Season 4, and the epic Weird N.J. tale of "Pine Barrens") into a special "Fan-Favorite Episodes" batch over on HBO Now and HBO Go. Being one of the biggest Sopranos fans that I know, I looked over the 86 episodes of this iconic series and carved out 10 moments that I felt were heads above the rest. A definitive look at what stands out the most from this series. Here are the 10 best moments from The Sopranos.

[Ed. Note: Spoiler alert for any of you who have played yourselves by not being up on The Sopranos.]