Some years, you almost wish TV was more trash. With so many outlets, networks, and streaming services bringing that raw, uncut Peak TV to us on a steady basis, there's truly no lulls in your TV watching. Hell, there's no real off-season at all; summertime viewing used to be dedicated to catching up on reruns while everyone was out of school, but now we're in a world where that just means new, shorter seasons are cropping up, giving us even more amazingness to keep up with.

We say all of that to say that 2018 has been a doozy. Fans of practically every genre have something to marvel at, from, well, Marvel fans to crime anthologies to black comedies to period dramas to sci-fi mysteries to whatever box you think Atlanta fits into. If the first-half of 2018 has been less-than-friendly to movies in general, the same can't be said for the small screen, which has tucked away more than enough heat in the first six months of the calendar year.

Hopefully you have time to catch up on all of the TV you may have been missing, what with work and school kicking you in the ass. If you wanted a proper primer on what to binge (and what to skip) from the world of television, here's a look at the Best TV Shows of far.