Netflix Foolishly Cancels 'American Vandal'

In a collective response statement, literally everyone said "Why?"

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Dumb move, Netflix.

Friday, we learned viaVariety that the streaming platform had made the supremely terrible decision to can American Vandal after two brilliant seasons. In a statement, Netflix confirmed as much. "American Vandal will not return for a third season," a rep said. 'We're very grateful to the creators, writers, cast and crew for bringing their innovative comedy to Netflix, and to the fans and critics who embraced its unique and unconventional humor."

Fucking lame.


— Alanna supports the WGA (@AlannaBennett) October 26, 2018

As the Variety report notes, the show was produced by Netflix for an outside studio, a fact they point to as "no doubt" influential on the cancelation decision. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the series may move forward with a third season on a different platform. I certainly hope so.

While the inaugural (and really great) season of the true crime parody focused on dick drawings, this year's edition turned its focus to poop, with equal amounts of greatness.

"Honestly, before we started filming the first season, we were concerned about how long the true crime genre would be popular," co-creator Dan Perrault toldRolling Stone last month. "But true crime is as big as it's ever been, and it's not going anywhere, thankfully. There's an endless supply of tropes."

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