Alec Baldwin has one somewhat unexpected idea for Melania Trump's next career move. Instead of diving into another PR scandal, like the now infamous "I don't really care, do u?" Zara jacket, Baldwin suggested that the First Lady join him on Saturday Night Live. He also hinted that she should step away from her husband, his administration, and come to the light.

On Saturday, Baldwin tweeted, "Dear Melania-We know what you’re thinking. What you’re feeling. You are quaking w anticipation. Shuddering w a strange, newfound courage. Come. Come over to the light. We will welcome you as a hero in ways you never imagined possible. And then do SNL w me."

Baldwin later tweeted a photo of the two of them together and wrote, "We have a chair waiting for you in the @nbcsnl make-up room."

The first lady often keeps rather quiet, so it isn't exactly likely that she will accept Baldwin's offer proposition or leave Donald for someone who actually knows how to spell her name. But hey, he offered.

Melania (rightfully) faced criticism for wearing a jacket that read "I don't really care, do u?" on the back while on her way to visit migrant children separated from their families at the U.S. border last week. This was just another move coming from the White House that made us question: Does the Trump family even have a PR team, or are they really that stupid? In the end, the answer may be both. 

Yeah, it's probably both.