With word that Deadpool 2 is set to end Avengers: Infinity War's box office reign (and break its own R-rated opening weekend record), it would appear that SUMMER MOVIE SZN is officially underway. No matter how much Deadpool, which dropped in February 2016, proved that blockbusters were no longer relegated to the months between June and August, the summer of 2018 is different. There are a grip of films that appear to be aimed squarely at the popcorn lovers who can't wait to escape the sweatbox known as "outside" by partaking in the viewing of films in air-conditioned cinemas.

From superhero sagas (both live-action and animated) to prehistoric predators (both genetically-altered and otherworldly) to big-budget action flicks (with and without Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson), Hollywood's got flavors for everyone hitting the movies this summer. There are massive sequels like Incredibles 2, the superwomen of Ocean's Eight, what could be the best horror film of 2018 (Hereditary), two examinations of America (The First Purge and BlacKkKlansman)... you really can't go wrong.

We sifted through the release dates and highlighted the films that look like they'll be worth the price of admission. For an extra-added bonus, we've made sure to give you a brief idea of what each movie looks like, just so you aren't going into your theaters blind. Mark your calendars and assemble your squad.