As far as storytelling on the small screen goes, The Wire sits in a league of its own. Sure, the show has its flaws, but don't get it twisted; over the course of five seasons (2002-2008), creator David Simon unraveled the complexities of Baltimore, and did so by highlighting each aspect that, for better or worse, made the city what it is.

The Wire stands as one of the greatest TV shows to ever air (for the record, it's No. 1 on our Best TV Dramas of All Time ranking) with an impressive cast of actors and actresses who, no matter how much time has passed, you may still call by their character name to this day. 

For the tenth anniversary of the season finale, we've put together a ranking of the cast members who have been the most successful since the show ended on March 9, 2008. Our rankings were weighted through a mix of criteria: output, importance of role within the project (TV show, film, music, etc.), critical acclaim, and box office. 

Read below to find out who made our top 25 list. 

Be warned: spoilers of the show are ahead.