Can you feel it in the air? We're just days away from learning which character (characters?) met their maker after a surprise encounter with Negan's good friend Lucille on The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus, who actually stars in two hit series for AMC, stopped by Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show Thursday to strategically reveal nothing about the Dead premiere and to chop it up about the recently renewed Ride.

"All day long," Reedus told Fallon when asked how often people quiz him about who's biting the dust. "I mean, cops and firemen and TSA agents and flight attendants. People that could throw me in jail if I didn't tell them." As for what to expect at the top of season seven, Reedus kept it vague but warned televisions that their owners might get violent. "I imagine a lot of people will be kicking their television sets," Reedus said. "I didn't say a name, but it's heavy. It's really, really heavy." Well shit. Thanks for the intel, Norman!

When asked about Ride With Norman Reedus, his other AMC hit that has pretty much nothing to do with zombies, dude was a little more forthcoming. "This is one of my dreams," Fallon said. "I've never ridden a motorcycle. I don't even know if my wife would even let me. But I want to ride and if I could ride with Norman Reedus, that would be fantastic." Then Reedus and Fallon safely simulated that shit by rocking some helmets atop a couch motorcycle.

The Walking Dead returns AMC to its former glories starting Oct. 23.