Not to spoil the fun or anything, but Negan definitely killed someone with his beloved bat Lucille on the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. Duh! However, as is always the case with the show's major deaths, sifting through the network-approved fake outs and baseless conspiracy theories often makes the investigation put forth by fans little more than a frustrating exercise in futility. But perhaps the Dead gang slipped up by wishing Demi Lovato a happy 24th birthday?

Well, maybe. The good eyes over at Uproxx note that several key Walking Dead players gathered to send a birthday message to Lovato, a message she would later reveal was met with the "shitting" of one's pants. The jovial birthday wishes were delivered via some relatively in-character performances by Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes, Dr. Eugene Porter, and previous fakeout subject Glenn Rhee.

Glenn's appearance in the birthday video is perhaps worth additional speculation, as his face only appears for a brief second and doesn't seem to have been filmed alongside his (former?) Dead castmates. Though (SPOILER FOR LAMES WHO DON'T READ) Glenn's death at the hands of Negan and Lucille would directly follow the narrative set forth by the show's source material, AMC may very well have thrown some Glenn action into this birthday video just to screw with us. Typical.

As we reported Friday, recent set photos obtained by the New York Daily News also appear to rule out Michonne and Aaron as potential Negan victims. However, given AMC's track record, that too could have been nothing more than an impressively elaborate fake out.

The Walking Dead returns Oct. 23, finally putting an end to AMC's off-season ruthlessness.