Remember that time you cried because some nameless egg account tweeted vigorously about your obsession with the Oxford comma and called you a nerd? Yeah. People are mean. And people on Twitter? On their worst days, they're even meaner. That's probably why no one ever gets tired of joining Jimmy Kimmel for a round of "Mean Tweets," and also exactly why none of us ever get tired of watching it.

Margot Robbie, Norman Reedus, Anthony Mackie, Chris Evans, Melissa McCarthy, Jane Lynch, Ryan Gosling, Judd Apatow, Bryan Cranston, Wanda Sykes, and many more joined Kimmel for the latest round of meanness. Within its first 20 seconds, the disturbing clip presents viewers with this tremendous insult that's certainly not recommended for public use: calling someone "a dead eyed trash bag that smells like low tide."

Reedus, while enjoying a seemingly crisp apple, gets hit with what is quite possibly the most specific tweet of vulgarity in this particular segment. Interestingly enough, the tweet in question isn't even really an insult at all. "Norman Reedus i can fit two fists and a leg in my asshole hit me up [sic]," the tweet from a @TrashRickyl reveals. Cool story, @TrashRickyl. Very cool story.

The last time Kimmel got us with the mean tweets, he put together a "movie edition" of the popular segment featuring an ill-eyebrowed Zach Galifianakis and the tweeted theory that Seth Rogen is "really just" Dustin "Screech" Diamond with a few extra pounds:

Damn. All of you are very, very, very mean.