Want to know who Negan killed at the end of The Walking Dead's season 6 finale? Sure you do. But we can't help you with that. However, we were able to grab Negan himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, for a thorough 20-minute chat that included some spoiler-free details on what exactly Negan is bringing to the table this year.

"Negan's pretty weird," Morgan told Complex's own Frazier Tharpe and Kerensa Cadenas Friday. "I played a character called The Comedian in Watchmen who was also a little bit of a nutty guy. But Negan is sort of a special breed because I think there's so much charisma with him. He will charm your pants off in these kind of speeches that he gives, very charismatic, and the next thing you know, if you're lulled into any sense of anything, you're going to get Lucille smashed across your face."

For Morgan, capturing the raw energy of Negan has been the biggest challenge of his career. "I'm having a blast," Morgan told Complex. "It's been the hardest job I think that I've ever done as an actor, for a lot of reasons. The physicality of it all is quite a bit, and Negan talks a lot." For fans of Negan's lengthy monologue in last season's finale, Morgan said to expect plenty more of that. "This world is his stage and he's enjoying himself at the great expense of others," Morgan said.

One thing Morgan is not here for, however, is cliffhanger complaints. As dude reminded us during his chat Friday, the art of the well-executed cliffhanger has always been a part of TV. "Great television isn't going to give you all the answers," Morgan said. "Since the beginning of shows, there's been these cliffhangers." You want instant gratification instead? Morgan has a special message for you: "Fuck that!"

The Walking Dead returns to AMC Oct. 23 with an episode that Morgan says will "grab you by your throat and not let go." Sounds dope. In the meantime, be sure to catch Morgan in Jonás Cuarón's Desierto:

The film's take on a hot-button issue in this year's presidential election, though timely, was purely coincidental. "As you know, the climate politically has created this perfect storm and so they held back release of the film until right before the election," Morgan explained.

Desierto opens Oct. 14, just three weeks ahead of the election.