Did you know that about 450 scripted TV shows were made last year? 2015 was the year that the streaming sites—Netflix, Hulu, Amazon—really leaned into original production (and into making those productions relevant in the pop culture world), adding to the already expanding pile of quality television, putting us all in a difficult position. You remember that guy in your office who was like, "There's just too much good TV right now." He was right. We are all Sisyphus, sitting in front of our TVs, finishing the trendy show of the moment, only for another show to pop into the queue. 

So no, you can't watch it all. In 2015, sooner or later you had to make the decision to watch Transparent instead of Narcos. And as the number of scripted shows continues to grow—as it likely will in 2016—those judgment calls will only become more frequent, and more pained. But we're here to help.

With this list, you'll at least be able to start planning. These are the 30 shows you have to have your eyes on—and if you can only keep tabs on five shows, well hey, that's what rankings are for. You're not going to be able to watch everything this year, but at least you can prepare and put yourself in a position to live your best life.