Being Complex's resident horror creep, it takes a lot to truly scare the shit out of me. (I laughed my way through The Ring as a small child, if that helps contextualize anything.) With most horror films, I'll tense up in the moment, briefly enjoy the sensation of almost pissing my pants, and then move on with my life. But the one movie that truly, nauseatingly horrified me, to the point where I will probably never bring myself to rewatch it, is Claire Denis' Trouble Every Day, a New French Extremist film about cannibalism and blood-thirsty subjects.

Béatrice Dalle's Coré character is a maneater (quite literally) and I've always found acts of violence during sex to be the hardest to watch (a close second choice for this list would have been the first vignette in V/H/S). I just can't get the vomit-inducing image of Coré biting off her lover's tongue during fornication and then poking her finger through his cheek out of my head. There's just so much goddamn blood in this movie. And oh god, all the pained screams! So much pain and suffering. Equally disturbing is Vincent Gallo's sex scene with a maid at the end, in which he...literally...eats her out. Like, he bites off her—you get it. I respect the hell out of Claire Denis and have loved her other films, but Trouble Every Day actually still troubles me...every day. I guess my first mistake was deciding to drink red wine while watching it.—Kristen Yoonsoo Kim