Halloween is the time of year for countless Hocus Pocus reruns, Michael Myers costumes, and an overwhelming presence of jack-o-lanterns. Halloween’s origins come from the old Celtic festival of Samhain, where Irish Celts gathered to welcome the new year marked as November 1. The night before Halloween, officially known as Hallows Eve, introduced the holiday and consisted of festival attendees wearing costumes to fight off ghosts as they gathered around bonfires. During the second half of the nineteenth century, an influx of Irish immigrants helped Halloween became popular in the United States. Today, we celebrate Halloween night with themed parties, haunted houses, trick-or-treating, horror films, a surplus of candy, pop culture-dictated costumes, and tons of props from pumpkins to black cats. If the masks are too much and you rather stay indoors, you can always get your fill of spooky vibes watching the newest adaptation of John Carpenter’s Halloween, starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Earlier this year, it was announced that two sequels were greenlit, with the filming for the first already underway. Whether you’re out on the scene looking for moves, on your couch eating Halloween candy while you tune into the scariest Halloween movies and Halloween episodes, or scouring for last-minute Halloween costumes, the holiday is far more enjoyable than it is scary. What’re you getting into this spooky season?


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