Halloween is coming up soon, which means people love getting into spooky shit this time of year. But sometimes scary can be sexy. Scarily sexy. Like, have you ever been turned on and equally disturbed by something? I had initially pitched a ranking of horror movie hotties which made my editors think I wanted to write about, like, Johnny Depp from Nightmare on Elm Street. But no way, I totally meant, like, Freddy Krueger. We're always so focused on how deformed these scary movie monsters are that we end up overlooking what dreamboats they can be. I'm here to change that dated point of view. Which brings me to this: our DEFINITIVE ranking of the sexiest horror movie villains (and no, there's no Pennywise from It because I still can't find ANYTHING remotely sexy about clowns). This isn't just Freddy vs. Jason, y'all; this is Freddy vs. Jason vs. Leatherface vs. Michael Myers—in a fight for the title of the SEXIEST horror villain. Who comes out on top? Find out below.