Decades from now, history books will acknowledge that 2013 was an incredible year for television. For a round-up of the year's best TV shows, consult our definitive list. While doing so, you'll see that, surprise, Breaking Bad owns the top spot, a position that's inarguable. After all, 2013 brought creator Vince Gilligan's dark, bloody, funny, and altogether mesmerizing tale of crystal meth madness to its bittersweet but perfectly timed conclusion. It was impossible not to give Walter White's final run the No. 1 ranking, even though several other TV shows were, simply put, magnificent in 2013—everything from veterans like Game of Thrones and Justified to rookies like Brooklyn Nine Nine and Masters of Sex.

With the good, though, always comes the bad, and in 2013 the bad was really, really bad. Awful, at times. As we followed throughout our weekly Cancellation Watch series, the fall TV season introduced viewers to a slew of garbage new sitcoms; meanwhile, on cable, network executives tried recapturing the bleak anti-heroism of shows like Breaking Bad to enjoyably morose and transparently one-note degrees.

Thanks—or no thanks, rather—to the worst TV shows of 2013, the year in which Breaking Bad ended will forever be sullied. Yes, that's mostly referring to you, Dads.

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