Like characters in a murder mystery, many of the new shows of fall 2013 are not long for this world. Some will not live long enough to see 2014. In fact, one new network drama, Lucky 7, has already been canceled. An adaptation of a British show about unlucky lottery winners, it was the first of the season to go, canceled after just two episodes.

So, all of the shows discussed here can breathe easy. None can be the first to catch the axe. But they could be second, or third, or fourth.

We've selected only the iffiest of new television programs, and have stacked them up against each other. Which ones have a chance of making it to mid-season? Which ones won't make it past episode three?

The networks are in trouble. Many execs are nervous that Netflix and cable are taking all of the good, innovative dramas. Looking over the shows here, it seems like they have reason to worry. Many of the new shows this season are lacking. Welcome to the first round of Cancellation Watch.

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