There's too much television to watch, and what's more, too much good television. Even if it were your job to stay up on it—and who could do such a crazy thing?—it would still prove a formidable task. As a result, TV criticism is experiencing an all-time high. There are more great writers writing about all the great shows airing, and these individuals keep you up on the latest and most necessary.

But even if you read and watch the best, come the end of the year it can be a struggle to survey everything you've seen. Which is where GIFs come in. A strong TV GIF is like a sense memory trapped in a looping, multi-second clip. Need to remember what made Mad Men so damn good in 2013? Just watch Ken dance. GIFs are like whippets, basically. And these are the best whippets from 2013. Er, GIFs. These are the Best TV GIFs of 2013.

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