Year of Release: 2010

Two years after developer Bethesda dropped the follow up to one of the best loved and fan obsessed series, Fallout 3, they dropped another tight bombshell with New Vegas. Fallout: New Vegas is more action oriented than its predecessors but continues the extreme moral decisions that haunt players of the series.

New Vegas takes place four years after the end of Fallout 3 and contains lots of juicy content for fans of the classic Fallout 2. While the story is short and sweet, it acts as an introduction to the game world at large where players are then turned loose on an enormous map of seemingly unending quests. Far from sticking to the straight creature invasions of town and saving children from harm you’ll be helping a cult launch themselves into space, protecting mutated cows from invisible mutants and battling drugs and power than overshadow the main story in scope and detail.

New Vegas offers a tighter, more centered story than Fallout 3 and throws players into an incredibly action-packed wasteland they won’t mind getting lost in.