Last week, a national nightmare was prolonged. That's right, the freshman Fox sitcom Dads, one of the worst-reviewed TV shows in years, was given a full season. There are only three possible explanations for this: 1), executive producer Seth MacFarlane has too much clout, thanks to Family Guy and American Dad, for Fox to abandon ship on his latest property, 2) Fox has nothing good to replace it, new or reruns, or, 3) we're all doomed. It's probably a mixture of the three, particularly the third option. After all, we did just lose Breaking Bad.

Elsewhere on the fall TV front, a few of the regulars on our weekly Cancellation Watch received orders for new scripts—a sign that they'll hang around a bit longer, but not a guarantee that they're safe from the ax. There's also a new guest to the party here: NBC's revamped take on Dracula, which premiered last Friday night and stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the version of Count Dracula that Christopher Nolan would create if he, well, sucked.

Which new shows are in the clear, and which ones have showrunners who loathe Seth MacFarlane right about now? All will be answered in this week's edition of Cancellation Watch.

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