There are shows we wish weren't canceled so soon, like HBO's Enlightened. Then there are shows that refuse to go away, like Two and a Half Men, where the only people laughing are the cast and producers to and from the bank. Lastly, there are shows guillotined before you're even aware of their existence. You don't miss them because you never or barely took a peek at them. Looking back they were always awful, so you couldn't feel disappointment. 

Public Morals, Made in Jersey, Do No Harm, Anchorwoman, and the dozens of similar examples disappeared before you knew they were on. How amazing, it's like someone did all the hating for you. But it's worth considering, because, for particular TV junkies, they were deprived of knowing what went on in the Hasselhoff household, who really wanted to know what new project Mike O'Malley is working on, and if you were adopted, pick out your biological father on a nationally televised game show for a big money prize.

To those of you, we sincerely apologize these viewing experiences were taken away from you. now, with that moment of silence over, let's jeer at the The Fastest Cancellations in Television History.