Memphis rapper Duke Deuce was seen running to safety after he got caught in a hail of gunfire while live streaming with his fans on Monday.

“Peppertree what’s poppin!” Deuce said on IG with a smile on his face, likely referring to the Peppertree Apartment Complex, which is located in his hometown of Memphis. He began urging fans to “come outside” and join him. “Ain’t on none of that bougie shit, ain’t none of that Hollywood shit,” he said. A barrage of bullets can then be heard ringing off in the distance. Deuce reacted by moving to find cover behind a car before ending the live stream. It’s unclear whether the rapper was injured in the incident.

Deuce has had a fantastic summer so far, and last week released a brand new song titled “WTF!” He also recently caught up with Complex News to talk about what it’s been like being one of the hottest new rappers to emerge out the south. “I just gotta appreciate this shit,” he said. “And that’s what I had to learn.” He added that while the pandemic no doubt slowed things down for him and made him “mad as hell,” he really appreciated the love that the “Crunk Ain’t Dead” remix video received during that time.

“I think people are really enjoying ‘Crunk Ain’t Dead.’ The remix, too,” Duke said. “That thing’s been making a lot of noise. It’s gotten a ton of attention. The remix came together pretty easily. I wasn’t sold on the idea, but my team really wanted to do another version. We got Project Pat on there, and he got Lil Jon. It’s a blessing being on a track with some Memphis legends. Getting the OGs on my track was a big goal.”

Complex has reached out to a representative for further comment regarding the shooting.