Producer: DeVante Swing, Timbaland
Album: All Eyez On Me
Label: Death Row/Interscope

Co-opting a Method Man refrain for the hook, Pac glories in his new power as hip-hop sex symbol and all-around "it" ni**a. He also revels in the hate his lyricism now seems to run on. He speaks like someone drunk with power, maniacal in fact, riding on the energy of prison release and surviving a near death experience. “Busta shot me five times/Real ni**as don't die.” The eerie piano and whispering that layer this track is orchestrated by Devante of Jodeci, another creative mad man and former Puff protege. “Prison ain't change me ni**a,” he warns his multiple enemies, “it made me worse.” It also made him a better, more focused MC.