Saweetie offered a succinct response to a recent tabloid report claiming she and Quavo had been “quietly spending time together in New York.”

Thursday morning, the Pretty Bitch Music artist and recent Complex cover star quote-tweeted a link to a Hollywood Life post that’s been making the rounds, noting that it was an example of a “pinocchio ass article.” 

In the report, originally shared Monday, a “source” alleged that the former couple had “recently reconnected” while in New York despite such a thing being none of anyone’s business. This “source” further alleged that a reconciliation wouldn’t be a surprise. 

Saweetie confirmed her split from Quavo back in March, saying in a tweet at the time that she had “endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes.”

In expert fashion, Saweetie’s response to the reconciliation-theorizing article closed out with a reminder that she recently became the latest artist to link up with McDonald’s for a special curated meal experience. See her full reaction below.