Sada Baby thinks his “Whole Lotta Choppas” remix with Nicki Minaj was a catalyst for being targeted on Twitter last October.

The Detroit rapper appeared on No Jumper earlier this week to discuss the moment he drew criticism from Nicki’s Barbz. The fanbase dug up Sada’s old tweets from 2011, leading to accusations of colorism, homophobia, and misogyny.

“I had to apologize and all that type of shit,” Sada told Adam22. “The crazy thing is, what I said is shit that I probably said, like, five times earlier that week. I think there was so much going on and her fanbase is like a cult. They like the [Bey]hive.”

“They went and found old ass tweets. I’m like, damn, I said that?” he continued. “I don’t use my Twitter. The label be on my Twitter, so like—but the shit that they found, at the time, I’m like, yeah. But I was young though… I think at one point in time on Twitter that was the thing to do at like, four o’clock in the morning,” he added. “It’s like competition to say the worst shit.”

It looks like the controversy began when a Nicki Minaj fan page asked Sada to promote the Nicki-featuring remix. Sada replied with a snide comment, prompting the Barbz to circulate the old tweets. At first, Sada was remorseless about his old comments, but then issued a video apology on Instagram, saying, “I don’t stand on none of them views. Them views is not the Sada of today.”