Location: Toronto, Ontario

“He’s formerly a rapper with Smash Brovaz. I wasn’t aware of his work back then, so I was introduced to Junia-T as the producer. I’m really digging these producer-fronted projects. I think they’re fun—for the listener, the artists, and the producer. There’s all sorts of different sounds, which keeps it really interesting. But the thing I love about Junia-T and his latest album Studio Monk is it shows what a lover of the music he is, as he traverses through all sorts of different styles with the different musicians he’s brought on.

“I read somewhere that he recorded a crazy amount of songs for the album and whittled it down to a nice sonic thread. So the songs he did choose belong together and he crafted one of those rare albums you can listen to from front to back. I tend to only buy pieces of wax that I can listen to all the way through, because I’m not going to get up and skip tracks. I want the LP to play its long ass out, and Studio Monk is one of those albums.”