Hip-hop was a lot of fun in 2022, and it’s only getting better. 

TikTok and Twitch continued to take the rap world by storm, allowing artists to go viral in new and unique ways. Rappers like Lola Brooke, TiaCorine, Cash Cobain, and more were able to create moments off the strength of viral songs, and then have fans carry it the rest of the way. “Don’t Play With It” has become inescapable, “Freaky T” is currently having its moment despite the song dropping in September, and “sexy drill” is taking the New York rap scene by storm, all thanks to their free-spirited energy and trends backing them. This past year also illustrated how rap has no age limit, with artists like 16-year-old Luh Tyler showcasing their skills while still in high school.

If 2022 proved anything, it’s that hip-hop is in a good place, and continues to become more sonically diverse, filled with fresh, new faces. With that in mind, Complex compiled a list of 20 rappers we believe you should be paying attention to in 2023. More recognizable names like Lola Brooke or Monaleo were no-brainers, but there are also several emerging acts like Bandmanrill, Skaiwater, and Eem Triplin, who we believe are due for big years. Any artists we’ve highlighted in our previous Rappers to Watch lists are also ineligible. These are Complex’s picks for the rappers to watch in 2023.