If Pop Smoke’s “Welcome to the Party” is the most well-known anthem of the Brooklyn drill scene so far, Fivio Foreign’s “Big Drip” is a very close number two. Fivio treats the song’s unrelenting instrumental, provided by fellow star-in-the-making AXL Beats, like a street corner, posting up to talk shit, woo girls, and establish his dominance beyond any question. The song’s success helped Fivio ink a deal with Columbia, and he released the Pain and Love EP in November to capitalize on his momentum. Aside from his breakout single, the hard-edged MC has also impressed on tracks like “Jumpin” and the punishing “Pop Out.” Fivio also recently collaborated with Rich the Kid on “Richer Than Ever,” bringing the Atlanta MC into his grim, grimy world, and he reportedly has music with Meek Mill, too. By branching out, he’s ensuring that his grizzled baritone echoes well beyond the five boroughs, and he’s asserting himself as a key figure in the current East Coast revival. —Grant Rindner