You’ve seen Norman Wong’s work before. If you live in Toronto, you’ve most likely seen it every day—plastered across the side of a streetcar, hung up at a bus stop, looming above you on a billboard. He’s done celebrity portraits and fashion shoots and high-profile ad campaigns; his photos have graced the covers of glossy magazines on newsstands around the world, and they’ve stood fifty feet tall in the heart of it, smack in the center of Times Square. “You have probably seen all this stuff before driving around, walking by,” Wong says of his commercial oeuvre. “It’s my living.”

Wong is one of the premier visual artists working in Canada today. An award-winning creative and commercial photographer, he’s more recently migrated into the world of directing, shooting music videos for a variety of indie artists in the country. His video for Montreal pop artist Charlotte Cardin’s “Meaningless” has even been nominated for a Juno—an honour Wong says left him “absolutely shocked, surprised, and thrilled.” Working on the video, he says, was “mind bending in the best way,” and he credits its success to his team of “incredible minds” who collaborated with him, including Colossale Toronto, Worship Studios, Maddy Denley, Bobby Shore, Amy Gardner, and Gideon Ayesu.