6ix9ine continues to troll Lil Durk.

The Brooklyn rapper took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a video of him and his crew meeting the Chicago rapper’s lookalike, who goes by the nickname Perkioo. 

“@lildurk I had a gift for the bro,” 6ix9ine captioned a video in which he pulled out a jacket embroidered with a photo of the late King Von that was draped on Perkioo. “Your n***as ain’t never gon’ slide but they definitely rep you all day on t-shirts.”

“We got bro the jacket,” 6ix9ine explains in the video, as Perkioo looks uncomfortable. “You good, just leave the jacket on.”

Hours after the clip went viral, Perkioo took to social media to say that he was ambushed by 6ix9ine. 

According to the Durko lookalike, he was there under the assumption that he was going to collaborate with someone else. Upon arriving, Perkioo says he was forced to meet up with 6ix9ine, who he scolded in the below clip, saying he needs to “man up” and stop trying to use his face for clout.

“6ix9ine, you need to man up bro,” Perkioo said. “You need to man up…You can’t be doing that lame ass shit. You’re using my face ‘cause I look like Durk. You’re using my face to disrespect [Durk’s] crew. That’s really lame.”

Perkioo continued, “You’re using my face for clout. Everything you do is for clout. You can’t be doing that.”

Watch Perkioo’s full response to 6ix9ine below.

Perkioo, who starred in Lil Durk’s video for “Blocklist,” posted additional footage of the incident to his IG.

DJ Akademiks later posted a purported text exchange from 6ix9ine in which the meeting was set up.

6ix9ine hit the comments to write, “Perkio backdoored OTF for 7 bands is crazyyyyyyy 🤣🤣.”

YouTuber SteveWillDoIt chimed in to say he didn’t set up Perkioo and that he’ll give the lookalike $1 million if he can prove otherwise:

Drake impersonator IzzyyDrake, who’s been connecting with Perkioo on social media and has ties to the incident in question, subsequently told Complex, “Perkioo was completely setup by an individual named Mike who reached out to me after noticing we were shooting a music video to establish the connection between Perkioo and YouTuber vlogger named ‘Steve Will Do It.’ … Nobody knew that [6ix9ine] rat was going to be there, they played him and now they’re trying to cover their footprints. Perkioo was suppose to be at the music shoot with me after I was notified by Mike the vlog with Steve Will Do It wasn’t going to be until April 27, but they played me to get his management contact and told him to pull up to the address on April 26.”

IzzyyDrake then provided Complex with “all the screenshots between myself and Mike leading up to the meetup with Steve Will Do It”:

text screenshot for durk lookalike post
Image via IzzyyDrake
text screenshot for 6ix9ine story
Image via IzzyyDrake
text screenshot 2 for perkioo post
Image via IzzyyDrake

Amid all this, the real Lil Durk took to Twitter to seemingly address everything that went down, writing, “Brooooooo I just not seen this shit today on the internet this shit crazy everybody calling and texting me we went #1 again thank y’all lol.”