JT is clearing the air over some recent pregnancy rumors. 

The City Girls MC, who reportedly began dating Lil Uzi Vert in 2019, has seen pregnancy-related conversations about her social media activity. One claim is that she wore a wristband that helps with nausea, and now she’s telling fans it’s “getting weird.”

“Bitch can’t even use emojis no more,” JT wrote in a since-deleted tweet. 

She went on: “I let y’all rock cause on some serious shit if I was pregnant what y’all gone do? Nothing! As a women half y’all hoes need to go educate y’all self nausea not only caused by pregnancy! & the way I control my nausea shouldn’t be y’all business.” 

JT continued, writing that people who have been questioning her about a pregnancy have “lost they marbles” and are “just getting weirder” after she says they saw she had a flat stomach. She also responded to a few more fans who engaged with her, writing that some comments had her feeling “weird about my body.”

She also gave a straightforward request that “y’all bitches LEAVE ME ALONE.”