Woman Who Used Gorilla Glue on Hair Is Flattered by Nicki Minaj's Shout-Out on "Fractions"

TMZ writes that Tessica Brown told them Nicki Minaj's mention of her on the song "Fractions" was cute. The track appears on Minaj's 'Beam Me Up Scotty' mixtape.


Image via Getty/Sean Zanni


Nicki Minaj shouted out Tessica Brown—widely known as Gorilla Glue Girl—on her new song “Fractions” and Brown seems to be pleased.

TMZ writes she told the outlet she “thought the line was cute.” On the new Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape cut, Minaj raps, “Head game slicker than little miss Gorilla Glue.” Brown said that while she doesn’t usually like people to refer to her as Gorilla Glue Girl, Minaj is an exception. She also revealed that Minaj didn’t reach out to Brown prior to the song’s arrival, but she hopes to meet the rapper someday. While there’s no direct quote from Brown, she did post TMZ’s article to her Instagram and tagged Minaj.

Brown’s hair saga began in February when she went viral for using Gorilla Glue spray on her hair. With the help of a Los Angeles-based surgeon, she was able to remove the adhesive from her scalp, free of charge. However, the incident impacted her mental health, saying that she would “go in the bathroom and cry because I didn’t want my children to see me crying.”

Since then, things have been up: she shared the news that she and her fiancé, Dewitt Madison are pregnant with their first child together. She has five kids from a previous relationship and he has four, with their baby bringing the count to 10 kids in total. Brown and Madison got engaged last June and have been together for years.

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