Woman Who Went Viral for Putting Gorilla Glue on Hair Finally Gets Relief Thanks to Generous Surgeon

Tessica Brown can now put the Gorilla Glue saga behind her. A Beverly Hills surgeon successfully performed a four-hour procedure on her on Wednesday.

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Tessica Brown, who went viral this month after going public with her struggles associated with using Gorilla Glue adhesive spray on her hair, can now put the saga behind her.

As previously reported, Brown flew to Los Angeles after receiving an offer from Dr. Michael Obeng—a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon—to have a procedure worth an estimated $12,500 performed free of charge. Now, per TMZ, the procedure—which took roughly four hours—has been completed.

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The publication shared footage of the procedure, during which Brown was under a light anesthesia, as well as the initial moments after its completion. As you can see in the footage, she’s more than relieved to finally have this all taken care of after a long (and largely in-the-public-eye) battle.

Dr. Obeng, meanwhile, also shared an explainer video detailing the process behind his procedure.

“I looked up the compound, the main active ingredient in Gorilla Glue, polyurethane, and we figured out the science and how to break it down,” he said. “So I decided, we’re going to reinvent the wheel.”

Dr. Obeng also expressed sympathy for Brown in this situation, as well as warned others to treat this story as a cautionary tale.

“She’s been through a lot and I hope that you guys will learn from Tessica’s injuries or Tessica’s ordeal,” he said. “Make sure that any time you guys grab something, make sure you read it.”

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Prior to the procedure, Brown expressed on social media and in an interview withEntertainment Tonight that she was “over it” when it came to how some were treating her amid the viral fame. She also denied reports of having hired an attorney in pursuit of possible legal action.

“Again, I don’t know where all of this is coming from. Because, at this point, everybody is saying it,” she said earlier this week.

A rep for Gorilla Glue, which previously shared a statement dated Feb. 8 wishing Brown “the best,” told TMZ on Thursday the company was “glad” to hear she had received treatment.

“We hope that she is doing well,” the rep added.

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