Famous Dex’s court hearing on Thursday didn’t go as planned, resulting in the rapper being arrested. 

According to TMZ, Dex was in court to plead not guilty to 19 charges—including domestic violence and gun possession—stemming from an incident that took place in March. Yet during the hearing, it was revealed that Dex violated a protective order that was put in place in October following another alleged domestic violence incident. The led to Dex being arrested on the spot and taken into custody. Per sources, the Chicago native is being held on a $200,000 bond. 

Along with his criminal charges, Dex has some civil legal issues that he needs to work out as well. In April, TMZ disclosed that Famous Dex was being sued for his alleged hand in a watch robbery. The watch’s owner met with Dex so that the rapper could take pictures of the watch, but Dex found a way to leave with the timepiece and then stopped answering his phone calls. 

When he finally found the rapper, Dex claimed that he was robbed at gunpoint and the suspects took thousands in cash as well as the watch. The owner doesn’t believe this story and thinks Dex came up with an elaborate plan to take the watch. He said he saw the watch on Dex’s Instagram and thinks he tried to sell it to another jeweler. He’s now looking to gain $90,000 in damages from Dex.