Album: The Plugs I Met 2
Producer: Harry Fraud

The Plugs I Met 2 was highly anticipated. After what Benny the Butcher did on his breakout project, the name carried a lot of weight. There’s precedent for revered street lyricists to shoot for mass appeal once they achieve a certain amount of notoriety, and with co-signs from the likes of Jay-Z and Drake, Benny could have done it. But he shut that shit down from the gate with “When Tony Met Sosa,” a project intro as filthy as the title implies. In short, he went off. Harry Fraud did, too, with a soaring, sax-centered sample that perfectly scores Benny’s bars like, “A voice in my eardrums tell me ‘fore the feds come/ To turn these breadcrumbs to a hedge fund.” There just aren’t many rappers talking that street shit with the vividness, skill, and finesse that Benny does, and he showed it again here. While some wait for the next great street drama to hit the big screen, we’ll be just fine with Benny’s pen. —Andre Gee