42 Dugg is ready to drop some cash. Walking through Stadium Goods in Soho, his eyes lock on a wall of Nike sneakers. As he darts that way, a set of diamond chains clink against his chest, and a pair of sales associates gravitate to his corner. 

The Detroit rapper examines the wall until he spots a pair of Nike Supreme Air Force 1s. Signaling to the associates who haven’t left his right side, he asks for four pairs. As the Stadium Goods employee makes a note of the order on his tablet, Dugg has already moved on to a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Black Skeletons and orders a couple pairs, nodding to his friends, who enthusiastically co-sign the selection. 

I’m still in the process of calculating what at least eight pairs of sneakers will cost when Dugg’s eyes land on the Off-White University Blues sitting on a high shelf. They’re currently going for upwards of $2,000 on StockX, but Dugg is unfazed as he hoists himself up on a bench and takes a closer look. An associate whispers for him to get down, and he complies, but not before asking for the University Blues and several different pairs of Travis Scott’s Nike collaborations. On his way to the register, he grabs an armful of hoodies and orders an extra pair of Dunks.

“Your total comes to $8,860.67,” a woman behind the register says after ringing up over a dozen pairs of sneakers and clothing. 

“Damn,” one of Dugg’s friends exhales. 

Dugg withdraws a stack of bills from his pocket and begins counting out thousand-dollar piles. While the associate recounts each pile, Dugg fishes in his pocket for loose coins. He slides exactly 67 cents across the glass countertop, then pivots and beelines to the exit. 

“Wait, you have some change,” the associate calls out, holding up a few bills. 

“Keep it,” Dugg responds without stopping.

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