Album: Still Summer in the Projects
Producer: Mustard and GYLTTRYP

Literally no one else on Leonardo DiCaprio’s green Earth talks flavorful cash shit as wonderfully as 03 Greedo. His new album—produced in its entirety by DJ Mustard and evidently recorded after receiving his lengthy prison sentence, but before going in—is anything but burdened. In fact, it’s unbothered, with Greedo’s head held high, likely off the Avon Barksdale aphorism that one only does two days inside: the day you get in, and the day you get out. Maybe that’s why he spends “Bet I Walk” flexing his ass off, declaring that he’ll saunter in prison wearing each piece of ice, and daring you to doubt him. Why would you, after everything he’s done? Just in case anyone still does, though, he saves the last 50-odd seconds for shit-talking that plays like his anti-Tupac promo run of last summer on wax. Free this man immediately. —Frazier Tharpe