We’re closing out June with a lot of new music from some of our favorite artists. City Girls connected with Doja Cat for “Pussy Talk,” which appears on their new album, City On Lock. Megan Thee Stallion is looking to take over the summer yet again with “Girls in the Hood.” 6lack finally dropped his EP 6pc Hot, featuring the standout track “Float.” Meanwhile, Jack Harlow, Lil Gotit, Lil Mosey, and more also dropped new music this week. 

Here is the best new music of the week. As always, to stay up on all of the latest music releases, follow our playlist on Spotify here

Megan Thee Stallion, “Girls in the Hood” 

“Girls in the Hood” arrives on the heels of controversy involving Eazy-E’s daughters, but that’s not why you should be listening to the new record. Megan Thee Stallion makes a valiant effort to to reimagine the west coast legend’s 1987 track with a feminine twist. On the track, Meg lays down uber confident lyrics that highlight her Hot Girl mentality, while dismissing her detractors. “Fuck bein’ good, I’m a bad bitch/I’m sick of motherfuckers tryna tell me how to live,” she spits on the first verse. Megan is riding a high since “Savage (Remix)” hit number one on Billboard, and it doesn’t look like she’s slowing down anytime soon. 

6lack, “Float” 

“Float” is a mellow track from 6lack, in which he describes trying to stay afloat amidst difficult obstacles in his life. “I gotta put my shit back on track, been down bad, too many times,” he sings. 6lack also alludes to growing tensions in the streets, singing, “It’s a big war goin’ on outside, grab your lover time to slide,” although he doesn’t explicitly call attention to the BLM protests or civil movements. “Float” appears on the forthcoming 6pc Hot EP, which dropped today. 

City Girls f/ Doja Cat, “Pussy Talk” 

“Pussy Talk” is a quintessential City Girls anthem. It’s X-rated, slick, and matter-of-fact. An insatiable desire for a man with finances is never more present as they outline just how big of a price tag their attention will cost him. And despite their difference in sounds, City Girls and Doja Cat make a great trio, complementing each other in tone and lyrical vulgarity. City Girls may have suffered an album leak prior to the release of their project City On Lock, but that didn’t stop the girls from landing another hit. 

Lil Mosey f/ Lil Baby, “Back At It”

“Back At It” isn’t as summery as Lil Mosey’s platinum single “Blueberry Faygo.” Instead, it seems better suited for a late-night cruising session. On the track, Mosey taps Lil Baby, as they both trade verses about money, women, and designer jewels over starry production. “Back At It” marks Lil Mosey and Lil Baby’s first collaboration, and will likely appear on the deluxe edition of Certified Hitmaker

Jack Harlow f/ Lil Wayne, DaBaby, & Tory Lanez, “Whats Poppin’ (Remix)” 

It’s rare when a remix lives up to (or suprasses) the original, but that might be the case with Jack Harlow’s “Whats Poppin’ (Remix).” The track finds the Louisville rapper joining forces with Lil Wayne, DaBaby, and Tory Lanez, and they all brought their A-game. DaBaby is animated with cocky bars about hitting the top of the Billboard, while Tory Lanez showcases his quickfire delivery. And Lil Wayne brings it home on the final verse. “I knew the record was special, but it continues to exceed my inner circles and I’s expectations,” Harlow said in a statement. It wouldn't be surprising if this record finds its way back up on the charts. 

Dinner Party (Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, Kamasi Washington, & 9th Wonder) f/ Phoelix, “Freeze Tag”

Looks like there’s a new supergroup on the scene. For their debut record, Dinner Party—a group comprised of Terrace Martin, Robert Glasper, Kamasi Washington, and 9th Wonder—unite on “Freeze Tag,” a groovy record with sunny melodies and soulful guitars. While some supergroups fall victim to one member surpassing the others, no one on this track outshines the other. They each give each other enough room to glow. “Freeze Tag” will appear on the group’s self-titled debut album, slated to drop on July 10. 

Lil Durk, “Watch Yo Homie”

Lil Durk is back with the deluxe edition of Just Cause Y’all Waited 2, and he didn’t disappoint. “Watch Yo Homie,” one of the album’s standout tracks, catches Durk reminiscing about his past life running through the streets. It’s a melodic track with a nice bounce to it, but Durk also gets serious to deliver a warning to anyone coming up the way he did: “Watch who you call your homie.. Watch who you call your brody.” 

CupcakKe, “Discounts”

“Discounts” is a bold new track from CupcakKe, anchored by a sweet-sounding flute loop. On the track, we get a taste of CupcakKe’s witty wordplay and rapid delivery as she easily transitions from name-dropping other rappers like Cardi B and Azealia Banks to bragging about her own rap skills. “Underrated but I know they hate it, and ain’t no debating that I’m elevating,” she spits. “Discounts” follows the releases of “Lemon Pepper” and “Down.” 

IDK f/ Maxo Kream and Denzel Curry, “BULLETPROOF” 

“Bulletproof” is a rambunctious, high-energy record that finds IDK joining forces with Maxo Kream and Denzel Curry. “First off, rest in peace to my dawgs/You can feel the pain inside of my heart,” Denzel and IDK rap out on the chorus. “Bulletproof” appears on IDK & Friends 2, which is the soundtrack for Kevin Durant’s documentary film Basketball County

Lil Gotit f/ Future, “What It Was”

After teasing the single for quite some time, Lil Gotit has finally dropped his new collaboration with Future. “What It Was” is a solid trap record with scratchy production from producer D. Hill. Future takes front and center on the track, rapping, “I done came out the gutter, I came out the street/Got my dawg off the leash, got the cutter on me/I been drinking on mud and they crucified me.” “What It Was” appears on Lil Gotit’s Hood Baby 2

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