Jack Harlow's breakout single "Whats Poppin," which remains in the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 after its recent peak at No. 16, gets new life today with the release of a Lil Wayne-featuring remix.

DaBaby and Tory Lanez are also featured on the track, which is now available below and via the streaming provider of your choice. Earlier this month, the RIAA awarded the original version of the track—released back in January—with a platinum certification.

In a statement, Jack Harlow said the song "dropped at the top of this historic year and things haven’t been the same for me or the world since. I knew the record was special, but it continues to exceed my inner circle and I’s expectations. Getting DaBaby and Tory Lanez on the record is very exciting, especially because they both delivered. But Lil Wayne hopping on is a dream come true; a real bucket list achievement. Something I can say was done for the place I’m from - Louisville, Kentucky. This is a moment all of my city and state can be proud of despite these difficult times. Thank you to my fans for making this go so far, because without them I wouldn’t have any of it. To the top we go."

Back in April, Machine Gun Kelly shared his own take on "Whats Poppin," complete with a video briefly featuring Harlow via FaceTime:

Harlow appeared on Complex's Show & Tell series back in May to give fans some insight on how he's been passing time during the quarantine era.

"I been listening to a lot of '70s music: Hall & Oates, Chic. I been listening to some Abba," Harlow, who's also still been hitting the studio amid COVID-19 concerns, said. "I been listening to old music because I feel like they packed so much substance into it. Even the hits. They had so many stories. The music was about something and, you know, it's hard to come across that these days."

As for his approach to safety-minded studio methods, Harlow said he makes a point to wipe down microphone pop filters and other surfaces with disinfectant wipes before beginning a session. He also makes sure engineers are rocking gloves. 

Below, catch the full Show & Tell interview, which also sees some insightful Survivor commentary from Harlow: