Label: Young Turks
Released: February 3

Sampha broke into mainstream consciousness by way of Drake's 2013 single "Too Much," which sampled his ballad of the same name. It feels like he's been around for some time now, popping up sporadically with a handful of guest contributions to artists much more famous than he (add Kanye and Beyoncé to that list), fueling anticipation for a full length release from the London-born artist.

Process​, his debut album, satisfies that hunger, providing a clear gaze into the mind and spirit of a man who is still very much a work in progress. With the combination of his hypnotically haunting vocals and pithy but divulging lyrics, song like "Timmy's Prayer," "Under," and "What Shouldn't I Be" dunk his listeners in a pool of emotions, but avoid drowning them in melancholy or a banal presentation. Tracks like "Plastic 100°C" and "Reverse Faults" feel like someone coming up for much-needed oxygen, revealing fully formed thoughts that are examined in the reflection of the water's surface.

Throughout Process Sampha captivates with his voice—a unique thing that I can only describe as gospel meets celestial—over a self-produced sonic landscape that feels like muffled crying meets CD-ROM meets tribal celebration. He harnesses all of these elements into an impressive, cohesive debut album. —Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins