Label: Columbia Records
Released: June 30

Calvin Harris pulled off the unlikeliest move of 2017 by, against all odds, becoming cool. While never a true punching bag, the Scottish EDM producer was mostly famous for slightly vacuous (but extremely popular) club hits, producing and songwriting for pop stars like Rihanna, and, yes, dating Taylor Swift. Which made his pivot to funk-obsessed social networker an unlikely one. But then he got Frank Ocean and Migos on a track together and suddenly we were off to the races. Funk Wav Bounces was an album designed for summer, and it performed its duties admirably. With months of hindsight, though, it's easier to see it as a piece of pop classicism that takes enormous risks in its star-studded lineup. It's hard to imagine many people pulling together an album like this, and only Harris has made it work this well. —Brendan Klinkenberg