Rick Ross Looking for Flight Attendant for Maybach Air, Says He’ll Pay Up to $115,000

The job opening comes following the release of Rick Ross and Meek Mill's joint album, 'Too Good to Be True.'

rick ross on the red carpet
Image via Getty/Jason Koerner
rick ross on the red carpet

Rick Ross is looking to hire a "personal flight attendant" for his Maybach Air plane.

In a video shared to his Instagram Stories, Ross detailed what would be expected from whoever ends up getting the gig, which he says will pay up to $115,000 a year.

"Right behind me is Maybach Air, G550, and for the very first time the boss Ricky Rozay is looking for his own personal flight attendant," Ross said in the video. "My own personal cabin attendant, paying anywhere from $85,000 to $115,000 annually."

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Video via Rick Ross on Instagram

Elaborating on the role, Ross pointed to the need for cuisine expertise, as well as CPR training.

"You gotta have experience, gotta have that positive vibe, gotta be able to prepare the cuisine, serve the cuisine," he said. "I’ve had a seizure on a plane before. You gotta be able to handle the CPR. Of course, let’s travel the world. Let’s be about our business. Let’s be professional, be able to handle that cabin with guests. You know, things like that."

Ross also included an email in the original uploaded version of the video, as seen here.

The Maybach Air job opening arrives in the wake of Rick Ross and Meek Mill's Too Good to Be True album, a joint project the duo promoted with a series of interviews including spots on 360 with Speedy and GOAT Talk. The album rollout also saw the launch of a $50,000 sweepstakes, the winner of which should be announced soon.

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