Quavo and Pharrell Cooked Up "Stir Fry" and "Apesh*t" in an Hourlong Session

Quavo's so prolific, he sometimes forgets a classic he just wrote. In a new interview, the Migos star details the surprisingly brief Pharrell-assisted session that resulted in 'Culture II' single "Stir Fry" and JAY-Z and Beyoncé's "Apesh*t."

When you're prolific as hell, sometimes a classic-in-the-making just slips your mind. For Quavo, one such classic is JAY-Z and Beyoncé's Louvre-boosting "Apeshit."

In a fresh interview with Billboard Wednesday, Quavo recalled how a prolific session with Pharrell resulted in the lead Everything Is Love single. As previously reported, a rough draft quickly surfaced, giving fans a glimpse into the track's Migos-centric beginnings.

"I actually made 'Apeshit' and [Culture II single] 'Stir Fry' in the same day and hour," he said. "I made 'Stir Fry' first, then right after that [Pharrell] pulled up another beat and we made 'Apeshit.' I left both records and he sent me 'Stir Fry.' I told him I was going to use that for the album. I totally forgot about 'Apeshit'—I just forgot about it. I knew he was going to do something with it and then he called me one day saying, 'It's out of here' and it definitely was."


As for the possibility of imminent new Migos music, Quavo didn't outright confirm Culture III but did promise that a "crazy" DJ Durel–produced single would arrive at the start of their upcoming tour with Drake. "We haven't dropped that much new music but we've got feature shit everywhere," he said. "I think dropping a Migos record right before tour will give us something fresh and new to perform [and] would be dope." Tuesday, we sadly learned that the tour kickoff had been pushed back two weeks in order to ensure a "high standard tour experience" for attendees.

Quavo also clarified that "Upscale"/"Drip" beat confusion (it was apparently merely a "whoever wants it" situation) and revealed how "They Can't Win" landed on the Madden 19 soundtrack. Read the full thing here.

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