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You probably remember exactly where you were when you first heard Beyoncé and JAY-Z had unleashed a surprise joint album titled Everything Is Love into the world. As if that weren’t enough, the couple stunned everyone when they simultaneously dropped a powerful, gorgeous music video shot in the Louvre for the song "APESHIT." It was an unprecedented location for a music video, and helped underscore the couple’s longtime appreciation of art. Did you really think they would stop there, though? If there’s one thing you should know about the Carters, it’s that they will always seek to best themselves. 

Italian newspaper Il Messaggero reports that Beyoncé in interested in filming at the Colosseum in Rome. She has submitted a request to do so, and although it’s unclear exactly what kind of filming was proposed, the request was originally dated for earlier this month, on July 7 to July 8. Those dates coincide with the days Bey and JAY would have been in Rome for their On the Run II Tour.

However, the initial request was rejected because an Italian scientist had already booked the venue. (As you do!) Additionally, the newspaper notes that the request was too short notice for such a “complicated place.” Bey has allegedly submitted a new request, which is currently under review. They'd be wise to take it under serious consideration, too: the Louvre is even benefitting from a renewed interest in its works and have created a 90-minute tour inspired by the "APESHIT" video.

As Vulture recalls, this wouldn’t be the first time Bey got in front of the cameras in the Colosseum. Who could forget that Pepsi commercial in which Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and Pink sang Queen’s “We Will Rock You” for an adoring crowd and an ungrateful Enrique Iglesias? Those were simpler times. (Okay, that wasn’t the real Colosseum, but close enough.)