JAY-Z's annual Made in America festival was planning to move following a disagreement with Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney, but Variety reports that it'll be staying put at the Ben Franklin Parkway. Roc Nation's COO Desiree Perez met with Kenney recently, and now it's been revealed that "Both parties have agreed to continue to host the festival along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and are committed to addressing operational and community challenges associated with this large-scale event."

Earlier this month, Kenney released a statement announcing the festival's eviction from the Parkway following the 2018 showcase. Perez, when asked about if Made in America could change cities, explained, "Now, there are other amazing, amazing cities obviously with incredible history that speak to the same emotion and have the same symbolism. Our hearts haven’t gone there yet. We’re hoping that there’s some dialogue and some conversation that will lead the parties to make the right decisions."

“I am greatly appreciative of everything that Made in America has done for the City of Philadelphia and I remain committed to its continued success,” Mayor Kenny said about today's announcement. “The Made in America festival belongs in Philadelphia–the birthplace of our country–and I’m optimistic that we can turn an unfortunate misunderstanding into a positive outcome and even stronger event. I look forward to working with Roc Nation and Live Nation, and maintaining this Philadelphia tradition for years to come.”

Perez, meanwhile, was also happy with the results of their meeting. "After a candid and constructive discussion with the Mayor, we are confident any miscommunication is corrected, and we are proactively addressing any concerns. We are committed to bringing the best experience possible to Philadelphians and all music lovers as well as the continuing prosperity of the city.”