Kanye West Shares Behind-the-Scenes Footage of "Ye vs. the People" f/ T.I.

Bad song is bad.

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The worst song in an otherwise impeccable discography now has some accompanying behind-the-scenes footage.

Tuesday, Kanye West shared recording and writing footage of the clunky misfire "Ye vs. the People." In the nearly four-minute clip, fans are given a glimpse at how the T.I.-featuring track—which simply isn't good—came to be. Check out the new clip up top.


West's misguided public embrace of Trumpism, even if he's generally trolling for unknown reasons, has been riddled with preposterousness. On Monday, for example, West shared even more screenshot-captured text messages, this time including some of the most predictable Republican talking points imaginable. The tweets, which shouldn't have been posted to begin with, have since been deleted.

Simply because I have nothing else to say about the disappointing directions West's work appears to be going, I have decided to spend the remainder of this particular article not talking about it. Instead, let's talk Pusha T season again.

The long-delayed King Push is out later this month. According to comments Pusha made previously, the new sounds are quite superhero-esque. "Superhero production meets superhero raps," he told Complex last year, a year that was originally meant to include the album's release. "We spend our days listening to music. Not even rapping so much. I'll be like, 'WOW, that's hot,' and he'll be like, 'Yeah, that’s sorta hot, ain't it?' Then he starts doing his beat thing, and I'll find something in what he’s recording and he'll give me four bars of that and I'll take that into another engineering room. I'll loop that 24 bars, however long I think it should be, and I'll write verses to that. Then I'll give him my verses and be like, 'That's what I think to that.'"

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