Gunna Explains Crime Stoppers Footage That Went Viral: ‘I Ain’t Never Stopped a Crime. Never’

Gunna dropped by the 'Breakfast Club' to chop it up ahead of the release of his new album, give his takes on Thugger vs. French, and much more.

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Fresh off dropping his new Turbo-produced track "Wunna," Gunna joined the Breakfast Club crew for a virtually conducted interview that saw the frequent Young Thug collaborator addressing everything from a crime stoppers clip that made headlines last year to how much money he estimates will be lost due to COVID-19 show cancelations. 

Speaking on the footage that was shared late last year amid Tec's publicly outlined issues with Thug's Spider clothing line, Gunna confirmed it is him in the video, though he says it's not crime stoppers-related in origin.

"I don't know what the fuck that's about. Crime stopper, what? I ain't never stopped a crime. Never," Gunna said around the 12:35 mark in the video up top. Noting that it's him in the video, Gunna continued while adding some context to the situation.

"Yes, that's me, but that wasn't on no crime stopper," he said. "I don't know what the hell n***as are [saying], 'cause I wasn't in no case or nothing. … 'Oh you snitched on who?' I was never in no case. See what I'm saying? But you know, n***as, it be—that go back to that internet shit, I don't really be seeing into it 'cause motherfuckers don't know. I'm really from the street. Where I'm from like, if you snitch, bruh, that shit is in paperwork, that shit is in a document."

Per Gunna, his cousin is currently serving a life sentence in connection with a murder because "another n***a went to court and said my cousin did it, but my cousin didn't do it."

And on the topic of COVID-19, Gunna said around the 1:50 mark that he's missed out on an estimated $7 million due to the industry's widespread pause on traditional tour methods. He's looking forward, however, to putting a fresh grateful perspective to good use once the industry starts returning to normal.

"I just wanna live life to the fullest because you never know what can happen . . . Nobody planned for this," he said. "We don't know what's gonna happen the next day. We don’t know what's ahead of us. It just made made me think about, like, just cherish family and cherish your life and cherish your blessings."

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Elsewhere, Gunna talked Thug's involvement with his new Wunna album—out Friday—and how he consistently hits him up for input on creative decisions. "As far as me growing [as an artist], that came from Thug," he said.

And around 11 minutes in, he briefly addressed Thug's recent back-and-forth with French Montana. Gunna told fans that, despite how things might appear online, it was likely never all that serious for the two artists.

"All of us got careers," he noted, later offering up some general advice for how to navigate going from a smaller platform to one large enough to provide constant feedback from fans and critics alike.

"You gotta be strong-minded," he said. "That's why some people with their career, it starts just shifting off, because it's just shit around you. Not even just yourself. So you gotta just not let that shit get to you."

See the full interview up top. Gunna's new "Wunna" video, meanwhile, premieres Tuesday:

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