Da Band's Babs Bunny Addresses Recent Criticism Against Diddy Over ‘Making the Band’

Diddy has faced criticism in recent weeks from two names familiar to fans of the reality TV franchise. Now, Babs is giving her take on the controversy.

Lynese “Babs Bunny” Wiley has addressed recent criticism against Diddy in connection with Making the Band, the classic MTV reality series known for launching Da Band and other groups.

In a recent interview with MRECKTV (see below), Babs was first asked about claims made by Freddy P, who—like Babs—is a former Da Band member. As previously reported, Freddy recently opened up on Instagram about his issues with Diddy, saying in one since-removed post that the platform and contracts behind Making the Band were “set up for the failure of” the artists involved.

“Each of us had our own situation when we left Bad Boy,” Babs said around the 3:38 mark in the video below. “A lot of the stuff I agree with him with. A lot of the stuff, it’s not that I don’t agree [but] I might say I can’t really relate, you know what I mean? But we all went through the same process, we all had the same contracts, we all was in the same house, we all was on the same stage. And so—at the end of the day—we all had that same situation happen as far as when it comes down to business.”

From there, the host mentioned similarly critical comments recently shared by Day26 and Making the Band alum Willie Taylor. “I just was like, wow. Like, yes, he said that the contracts were shitty, and they were,” Babs said around the 5:04 mark. “So I definitely agree. That’s what I’m saying. All of us can really relate to that, as far as the paperwork and all of that is concerned.”

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Later, around the 5:29 mark, Babs was asked to reveal whether it was ultimately a “dream come true” or her “worst nightmare” to be a part of Making the Band. According to Babs, the experience included some of both.

“I would definitely not say it was my worst nightmare,” Babs said. “I could say it was a dream come true, it was dreams coming true with nightmares in and out. … For me, that was my experience. I was a sponge. And no matter with all the negative things over the years, I just tried to focus on all of the positive things that I learned.”

This philosophy, Babs added, has allowed her to “keep pushing” in her life. See the full 42-minute interview above.

At the time of this writing, Diddy hadn’t directly responded to the criticism from Freddy P and Willie Taylor, nor the additional comments from Babs. On Monday, he shared a quote to his IG that read, “Stop all your crying, bitching & moaning. Hustle harder or get the fuck of our way.” In the caption, he added, simply, “No ego, just hustle.”

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